SleepAA was created as a consequence of a need. In fact, everything started when Olivia, my daughter, was born.

We had the need to play with her, massage her, tickle her, roll around the floor, crawl and mess everything up… and we needed a place to do all that with her… that’s how we created the first SleepAA play mat, choosing original patterns and, most of all, filled with excitement.

After that, Lorenzo arrived; our little “earthquake”. With him, we came up with the idea of creating the baby’s chair, so that our lively son could have a rest; and if that chair came with a cool design… even better! And that is how SleepAA started.

We decided to create nursing cushions, bibs, and other complements for toddlers, with our unique touch; we also embarked on the manufacture of crib mattresses, with high-quality materials which would guaranteed our baby’s rest, and made by manufacturers with many years of experience in childcare in Spain.

And so, SleepAA started to grow and, thus, designers, marketing online experts, bloggers etc. joined our little tiny boat. All of these creative minds, thrilled with their job, are nurturing SleepAA so that it grows exponentially, being able to offer high-quality and high-design products for our little tiny ones.

So, when several story creators get together to work, the result is SleepAA, a company whose objective is, precisely, to offer you the means so that YOU can create you own stories with your children.

Indeed, that is our philosophy; we believe in living our dreams… that is the reason we have embarked this trip, that is why we struggle day by day to improve SleepAA.

Each one of us has put in SleepAA a bit of ourselves; when we choose a print, another is discarded, when we improve our website or when we write content that may be helpful… in each and every detail of it there is a common aim; SleepAA wants you to live each day as an special day.

We want you to dream and fulfil your dreams, that is why we choose exclusive prints, to make your imagination fly. We want you to lay down on a play mat and be carried away; we want you to sit your baby in his/her first little chair and let the time fly. We want you to sleep like a baby knowing that your own baby is quietly resting in the best mattress in the world.

This is the most important period of your child, we want you to enjoy it; we want you to encourage their creative side (and yours), as well as their learning skills, their psychomotor development…

Because it is dreams that move people, and we want you to move and chase what you want until you get it. We will keep building sleepAA for it to become a place where you can create stories, a place where dreams come true.

SleepAA is formed by a wide team of professionals. Here we introduce you to those who will always be available when you need them to solve your doubts, queries and suggestions:

Andrés Sabio: 

I am the mind and the CEO of this new Project called SleepAA. I’m adventurous, creative, dreamer, and I love spending time listening to people to enrich my knowledge and myself. I have invested time and money in my training as an entrepreneur and a visionary. I am 34 years old, I have gone through several businesses in the textile field, the sanitary field and also into the “show business” during the last years. I know these branches are different from one another, but they all have taught me to put passion in everything that I do, and offer something unique in every business adventure.

Nadia Valiente:

I’m the communication manager of SleepAA. I am thrilled with this Project. From the first meeting I had with Juan and Andrés, I knew we would be able to create something more than a product; a place, a space…thanks to the professional qualities of the team. Since I was little I have always been attracted by what’s peculiar, different, odd… so I really appreciate such creative ideas. For me this is a great opportunity to be a part of such an original and good-vibe adventure.

The blog of SleepAA will be our little space, our dormitory, our living room… our little corner to disconnect and realize that “happiness does not come from reason, it comes from imagination”.

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